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Rick Juarez, R.T. (R)(MR)(ARRT)



       I am a Radiologic Technologist consisting of the most 

 professional of character in regards to patient care skills and

   work ethics.  With over 25 years of experience and having

   worked for two of the largest HMOs in Texas and various

   diverse and differing healthcare environments, I am well

  acquainted with all specialties of healthcare, thus enhancing

    my patient care.  Also, I possess the working knowledge of

             Spanish.  Multitasking and problem solving, thus

    bringing challenge are two of the things I enjoy most in the

     workplace environment.  Please feel free to contact me at

              anytime should I ever be in the position to be of                                                 assistance to you!


                                Cellular (832) 567-3438



   Posted below is a collection of some of the professional letters

            of recommendation I have received throughout my

                     career in healthcare (just click to view):

           I am very proud of my patient care reviews and I feel completely

              satisfied in regards to the career choice I have made and how

            I have chosen to be in the servitude of others.  Placed below are

           some of the patient care reviews I have recently received in which

                   my patient care has been recognized (just click to view):


Prior to completing my Radiology Technologist college degree, I        completed a program for Medical Assistant in which I was                                    recognized as an honor graduate:

I have designed the logo, signage, and promotional materials                              for AFFORDABLE MRI, LLC:

I have acquired ACR accreditation 2 times for a    

             magnet not previously accredited!

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